**clears google search history

Oh Google.

I recently went to type in a google search on my phone while chatting with a friend from home, and could not stop laughing at my recent search history. The things that I have googled here over the past year and a half are some of the most bizarre, strange and comical things I have ever put into the search engine.

Surely, others must to do this too? Well, you betcha! So to provide a small insight into some of the things we either face or think about while in Peace Corps, I have put together a list of some of the googled things from volunteers. Please, enjoy…

Gorillas talking to humans

Why am I always hungry when laying on my back

Why do my legs hurt every night

How to transport sharks

Where is the moon

What is waxing and waning

Can you get a UTI from farting

How long can black beans last

Ways to make money from home

Are sugardaddys legal

What are the symptoms of malaria

Lower back pain

Nile monitor South Africa

Impeachable offenses

Black plague Africa

Is diarrhea a sign of pregnancy

Can you take a pregnancy test on birth control

how long can mayo go without expiring

Wild berries and leaves safe for eating

How to kill bats

Funding for youth centers

Funding for home based cares

How to grow spinach

how to not kill spinach

Ways to open wine without a corkscrew

how to mop a floor

Can snakes climb through windows?

How to wash hair without shampoo

How long does food poisoning last

What to make with fabric scraps

What does it mean when my strength crystal breaks

How to recycle arts and crafts

Tricks to being a good PCV

Oatmeal toppings

Symptoms of listeria

What to make with x,x,x ingredients

Cockroach killer home remedy

Lizard poop vs mouse poop

Maas recipes (when you buy sour milk on accident)

how to know if you have a parasite

Taxi violence

Is peeing in a bucket sanitary

Poisonous snakes SA

How long do mosquito bites itch

Can I eat food from the fridge on day 5 without power

How many onions is too many to eat in a day

Can you use dough that didn’t rise

What is the shape of a bedbug

How to de-bloat a goat

Dehydration or heat stroke?

When should I be concerned about diarrhea

How to cut your own hair

How long do fleas live

The list was in no particular order or design, but a list of the collected google searches. I know that this even barely scratches the surface of some of it.

In other news,

Things at site are going well! We are working to get the youth center up and running still. The home based care, clinic and a few other local partners have come together to plan a testing event for World Aids Day December 1.

My COS conference is fast approaching as the time for me here is winding down. As this happens, we are all now in the phase of getting questions from our lovely friends and family back home of ……drumroll please…..So, what are you going to do after Peace Corps?

Well my friends, no idea. I am currently looking into what seems like a hundred different avenues I am equally excited about. Some days I think maybe it will be nice to have a job back in the states, and other days I spend my energy looking into opportunities anywhere else. Looking into passion projects and looking into language learning. Or who knows, maybe I will stick my credit card in my back pocket and travel around this beautiful earth a little longer.

The only thing I can promise you, is that as much as that question is on your mind, it is on mine much more often. Ill figure it out eventually 🙂

Cheers and love,

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