This is where I’ll keep you up-to-date on my projects and what you need to know about them. Keep checking back!



Project 1: Pack for South Africa

Packing for 27 months in only two checkable bags is harder than you’d think. It requires strategy. And sanity. And patience. And many other things that don’t grow on trees. Which explains why my friends and family asked (more like demanded) me to create this Peace Corp prep registry with the essentials. The thought of it makes me feel like a charity case but the people who initiated it say it allows them to be part of my service. What they really mean is survival. Because let’s be real, South Africa has camel spiders.

Also, the projects that will be covered here will be legitimate Peace Corps projects – not quite as first-world as the above.  🙂

Project: TBA

Only time will tell!

Project: TBA

Can’t wait.

Project: TBA


Project: TBA

Just planning ahead.